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. Jupiter Mahadasha, which lasts for 16 years, can be the luckiest 16 years of your life.
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  • Jupiter Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha.
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    It also represents the liver.

  • Jupiter-Ketu Dasha: Ketu in 5th, 9th, 11th, or 3rd house denotes wealth, royal favor, increase in.
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  • The planet Jupiter or Guru is perceived to be one of the supremely benefic presence in the Indian astrological arena as it is believed to bring most of the goodness and positive shades to the native’s life.
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  • It can create a problem of dispute with friends and family.
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    Ketu-Jupiter Dasha: Jupiter dignified in angles or 11th house from the Lagna or Ketu is good and indicates self-confidence, auspicious functions at home, property, wealth, the birth of a son, the grace of family deity, new appointment, acts of philanthropy, association with holy people, Brahmins and preachers; travel to foreign countries, etc.

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    Then comes the Ketu-Jupiter sub period which lasts for 11 months and.

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    Jupiter Mahadasha.